Why has Tinder gone flat?

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The Tinder has presently got flattened with thousands of hits thus leaving many people unable to reach to the most popular dating app. It looks like that Tinder is retrieving back online for the users all around the world, after such a drastic outage but it is important to consider that why this happened. The world’s top dating app has seemed to be in worry a few months back.  The app’s outage monitoring section named as “Down Detector” is presently exhibiting thousands of issues which usually seem to affect the Europe and UK.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the app has been hit by so many issues – Tinder remained unavailable for service in November 2016, and people could not be able to access their accounts. Twitter is presently filled with the users who complain regarding the problems they are facing, as one of the users told that Tinder is down and how would anyone be able to use it? Another user of this app made a tweet saying that “Tinder is not working; I repeat Tinder is not working.”

It is not cleared yet that what is the actual cause of this breakdown of the Tinder’s account on Twitter. But, few people are sure that they are blocked out of the app and have could not able to log in their accounts since then. The news about this outage has become a VIP part of this app which has been revealed to the public. The Tinder Select is the invite, the VIP edition of the dating app which is used by the celebrities like CEOs, models, actors, etc.

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Tinder Select

Those who get an invitation from Tinder Select can pick other users – but those who are singles can’t recommend other users for membership. One user of this feature told that the Tinder is basically for the celebrities and people who good on the app. It is not clear that what is criteria set by Tinder for selecting users to join Tinder Select, however, it is confirmed that it is done by Tinder Elo Score.

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Tinder was launched in 2012 and has rapidly become one of the most popular dating apps all around the world. Now, app owns almost 1.4 billion users and has done 26 million matches. The breakdown of the app is a quite unfortunate for those who are searching for their match. Currently, the app is facing the serious outage in most parts of US, UK, and Europe which are very disappointing and the causes are still unknown.

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