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Earlier this year, Google made a challenge to developers to create remarkable new apps for project Tango. That is, an experimental tablet that has got the ability to map the world within it. Four apps have been chosen in total, where the winners were announced last week. These winners include the best utility, virtual reality app or the best augmented, entertainment app or the best game, and an overall winner.

Out of the four winners, three are games. It doesn’t mean that games are a diverse field, in this sense – but these games had put Tango into use in very distinctive genres. This assisted in demonstrating how the technology would be put into use.

The overall winner was a puzzle game, WeR Cubed. It involves tossing a cube around other cubes till all cubes turn into the right color. You are just required to touch so as to move cube that is player-controlled. Tango also allows the players of this game to have a view of different sides of the puzzle by just walking around their room as if the puzzle is in the middle of the room. Unfortunately, WeR Cubed doesn’t demonstrate that it’s a tech demo.

Ghostly Mansion takes the award for entertainment app or best game. Although very different from the WeR Cubed, it is another 3D puzzle game. The game takes place in a 3D mansion. The game, entirely, is controlled by walking around while holding Tango. You will be playing as a ghost who is searching for clues to your death, all of which you will be finding and collecting while you approach then with Tango.

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Also a game, the winner for virtual reality app or best augmented is InnAR Wars. This game turns a series of rooms or a room into a galaxy that is entirely filled with planets and asteroids. Two players can combat over the territories by walking around the room to instigate attacks or place bases.

Finally, the utility category winner is Phi. 3D. This is essentially a tool, which takes advantage of mapping- Tango’s core use. You will be moving around a room by the help of Phi. 3D where eventually the app will generate a 3D model of the environment that you are in.

The overall winner received $8,192 while the category winner received $4,096 each. Specifically, the overall winner was voted by Tango developers while the category winners were picked by Google’s judges.

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