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With more services coming your way, Facebook Messenger now allows you to order Transportation, starting with Uber. This is not the first time that a ridesharing app get connected with a messaging app. WeChat which is a calling and messaging app used outside the U.S. also lets users book cars on ridesharing platforms like China’s Didi. Whereas, Tencent recently blocked users from booking with Uber many times in a continuing Chinese rideshare war.

Nevertheless Facebook claims that this collaboration inspired by WeChat was of no necessity. Facebook is more inspired by how they see their users using Messenger and they just saw the increasing popularity of group chats and this is one of the best things that makes the Facebook Messenger so great.

How It Works

You will find the latest Uber in Messenger feature by clicking on the car icon or looking for Transportation in the three-dot more menu underneath the place you write your messages. Any of these actions will open the Request Ride option of Uber, where you can include your car type, destination, and pick up location.

You will get a $20 Uber credit, if you use Messenger Transportation. However, it is uncommon for Uber to give these credit types to existing users, but Facebook persuaded it to come up with a gigantic incentive to use the Messenger Transportation.

According to the recent news, Uber is the first transportation partner to initiate the Messenger app while Lyft allows for a comparable integration in Slack. Starting in January 2016, Lyft will provide rides through Facebook Messenger. For flight-booking option, Facebook Messenger have already partnered with KLM, which has been delayed till January next year.

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Since the Messenger Transportation feature was developed in the course of a private incorporation, the anti-competitive policy is not relevant and Messenger can incorporate other services such as Lyft.

According to Facebook, 700 million people are on Messenger and the ability to order an Uber through the app rolls out to a large piece in quite a lot of U.S. cities in the present day. According to Uber spokesperson, the latest feature of the app will probably be available to everyone in the U.S. by Christmas. It is hoped that this development will make it easier to pick up friends in your Uber while you are going for your next holiday party.

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