Samsung Wins Best Battery Life 2015

Samsung Battery

Among the critical things to consider when purchasing a new smartphone is its battery life – how long it can last. Mostly, users are required to charge their smartphones on a daily basis, or even twice per day depending on how they use them. If you like surfing the internet for long hours or watching videos, you might end up charging it twice, even for a device with the best battery life.
One of the good indication of how long the battery of the smartphone can last will come from its overall capacity that is rated as mAh. Bigger batteries have got higher mAh, and the vice versa is also true.

Theoretically, phones with high mAh are set to last longer. Although this isn’t always the real-life case as other features like the brightness of the screen plays a big part in how quick the battery can last. To find out how different phones score in battery life test, 60 smartphones all which were rolled out this year (2015), were put in a battery life test.

Battery Test

To measure the battery life of a smartphone, a continuous video playback test is run. For example, in this case, the video was made from a couple of scenes from Spider-man 2 and then looped to epic lengths and encoded to H.264. The files was then played by these devices and sound recorded from a pair of headphones- this allowed for the analysts to measure how long these files played before the battery failed.

For iOS and Windows smartphones the internal video player of the phone was used, but in Android the MX Player was used. All the other features were turned off including any automatic brightness and the devices were also set to the airplane mode. The screen brightness were set to 170cd/m2.

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There is a very huge discrepancy in the overall life of a smartphone battery. The best smartphone batteries are separated from the worst with just over nine hours. Lasting for 15 hours 33 minutes, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge became the battery life kind of 2015.

The best Apple’s gadget is iPhone 6S Plus with 14 hours 58 minutes, while the best windows phone is Microsoft Lumia 640 Xl with 14 hours 45 minutes. Surprises come from the fact that iPhone 6S ranked the 28th out of 60 devices. In a similar note, Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact, which is the latest model of last year’s battery life kind, has gone down to number 13.

Other Samsung devices including Galaxy A3 and galaxy A5 ranked among the top ten devices. Also LG Leon ranked among the top tem devices.

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