BuzzFeed App Review

BuzzFeed App Review

If you have ever came across an article with a numbered list title such as “21 Cool Ways to….”, “43 Celebrities that….”, or “5 Mind Blowing Facts about….”, chances are you have ever visited Buzzfeed before. Buzzfeed App itself was come from a popular internet website that has much popular viral content that is always notoriously known with their obsessive compulsion to create numbered lists. The content that is presented in Buzzfeed can be educative and intriguing at times, but sometimes it could turn out silly and playful on the other cases. This is the reason why Buzzfeed is increasingly popular, and now this website has an app that allows you to access the newest article right from your mobile phone.

The Buzzfeed app is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store for free to download. This app will offer you all lists of content taken from the website version. You can view the trending articles, Best of articles, and even videos from within the palm of your hand. The app does a perfect job in delivering hefty packaged articles into bite-size information that can be easily digested for immedieate consumption.

The app supports login using username ID or Facebook, allowing you to comment on certain topic and share an article immediately. You can easily share your thoughts and feedbacks with using Facebook comments, and even able to bookmark favorite articles and browsing similar topics based on the article’s subsection and your interest. With numbers of subsections from news, entertaiment, local stories, life, videos, and Best Of lists, Buzzfeed offers you numerous info that will entertain you through your phone.

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The app itself is very intuitive and pretty easy to navigate around. Just tap into the headings, and you can find numerous amusing articles, like One Direction members’ facts and daily lives, compiled gifs of cute cats and dogs, or even serious article regarding science, politic and world. Granted, that not every topic is featured inside the Buzzfeed, but you will always find loads of interesting contents to browse.

Buzzfeed App also allows you to set it up as homescreen widgets to allows you accessing articles and stories directly from your phone’s main window. It has a similar design like the factory phone’s widget, but it should not be a problem for you to use over its simplicity. As the site are constantly receives new content, you can expect to use this app regularly each day.

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