Send Recorded Videos in KIK Messenger for iOS and Android

Send Recorded Videos KIK Messenger

KIK launched native video to its core messaging app features, unraveling one of the most prominent pain points in the user experience, not too long ago. At the moment, the Canadian company is taking this feature to a new level entirely.

KIK is allowing users to send formerly recorded video content in KIK Messenger, with this latest update. It is safe to say that this feature could become far more popular now, most especially with the present figure of almost 7 million KIK users sharing more than 110 million videos ever since the inauguration of the indigenous video feature 3 months ago.

How KIK messenger app for iOS and Android works is related to the way you send a photo. All you need to do is to just access any videos that are saved in the gallery of your camera roll through the conversation window, choose the video you would prefer to send and click SEND.

As of late, KIK has been working hard to push its feature set on its hub messaging application. KIK also made web-based content easier to share as far back as April, in addition to the abovementioned indigenous video feature.

However, there is not yet any pronouncement on when users of Windows will have access to these features, but WP users optimistically won’t have to wait for too long before they will start enjoying the full feature set currently enjoyed on Androids and iPhones, with recent enhancements to code used in Windows 10.

In general, KIK messenger app is free to send and receive messages and also to make free calls to some other users. It has a huge following among the young people and comes with more than just the feature to communicate because it adds more flare to these services.

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KIK messenger app is for in no doubt a very animated app that young people love for its features. There is need for users to make huge decisions regarding the apps to install on their devices, with needs for storage space on phones ever on the increase.

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