Windows 10 introduce new App for Facebook, Messenger & Instagram

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For a long time now, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger have been the most usable social networks. With such popularity and diversity worldwide, we have Windows 10 introducing a special app for them. Regarding this action, manager Davis Fields announced that new apps will be upgraded and easily available. Actually, Facebook and Messenger are approachable on desktop version while Instagram could be reached by mobile devices in the Windows store.

After introducing this option, officials in Windows were enthusiastic about the reaction and possible result. They wanted to adapt this application to the modern times in terms of performance and design, but also to develop some innovative features, unlike the mobile and tablet version. The step like this has a significant meaning for Windows provider as the whole mobile industry and apps were in the hands of Android and Apple. Now, when Windows 10 developed its own app, the profits of the company increased by more than 20%.

As for customers, they are satisfied with the offered option and find more attractable to enter the Facebook from the app than by browser research. The app is quick,you can easily share content as photos, use stickers or read the texts. If you don’t like this new app, never mind as Windows 8 still offers its previous app for users. However, the new app has the role to offer something  innovative on the technology market.

The same applies to Messenger app, which looks better than ever and works perfectly. Moreover, design is stunning so the customers have a really positive impression. When we talk about Messenger, some advantages play the crucial role: received messages are easily available with regular notifications; easiness of posting photos or GIFs; the option seen for the sent messages; making the groups of people whom you talk the most; searching options.

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As for Instagram, it is available in Windows Store on the phone and has an impressed style as well as performance. The photos are now easily available and more options visible. With this app, more than 400 million users worldwide share photos and videos, contact with one another and communicate directly. The Instagram has also developed visual effects, shadows, brightness, and highlights in a perspective way and make its customers impressed.

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