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Clash of Clans

The clash of clans is a quite famous strategy based smartphone game which was developed by the Supercell. In the game, you require to farm the resources, elevate the buildings in your town to train the more proficient and professional troops that you can use to defeat your rivals. Here are some top tips which you can use to get various farm resources easily and quickly.

Drop off the league rank

As it is expected, the majority of the game players tend to access the highest league tier in the Clash of Clans. But, if you desire to farm the resources faster, you will require to drop off few of your league ranks in order to get the targets much easier. Or you can say that if you have reached to the high league, you will have the ability to attack the players who belong to the particular league, means that you will require sacrificing more troops to get the resources from your enemies.

For dropping off some of the leagues quicker, you will just have to attack other players and send the two cheap units like Barbarians or Archers and then immediately surrender. Due to failing the raid, you will be able to drop almost 20 trophies, which shows that you will get to the lower league ranks much quickly if you keep following this strategy. As you see that you get to your targets easier, you can seize back from demoting and initiate farming your resources with ease.

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Don’t Waste Resources on Costly Troops

You should not go for the costly troops when you are farming the resources like gold or elixir. Instead of this, you can work with a large troop which doesn’t cost a lot. However, this is very efficient for raiding. Try to target the useful resources always and don’t pay much heed to star league bonus and extras.

Useful Farming Troop Composition

The troop composition about which you often hear is an excellent approach when it comes to getting the resources from you enemies. You should target to improve the skills of your troops for barbarians and archers, however, be sure that they have reached to level 3 or 4. Try to attack the resources using all the troops and as you get them, surrender immediately. In this way, you will lose trophies which keep your league-low but will get the strong large troop and a lot of resources.


Download Clash of Clans for iPhone

Download Clash of Clans for Android

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