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Initially smartphones use to compete with only another smartphones but as the importance of phones is increasing in our lives and its multiple use have made it indispensable. Now a superb phone camera is the most important feature someone looks for in a smartphone. One of the reason why camera is being given so importance because of so many picture based applications – SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. This at the same time has led to intense competition amongst smartphone manufacturer companies. There are too many phones available that you will get confused which one to buy.

However if you want to buy a phone primarily for a good camera you can read the article to know 5 best smartphones camera currently in the market.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia has always been recognized for its ability to manufacture one of the best camera phones. Lately lumia made an addition to its Lumia series with 1020 to launch one of the best camera phone world has seen. The new Lumia 1020 has 41 megapixel camera. Like always Nokia has used Carl Zeiss lens to set another standard for camera phones. Other primary features include auto focus, quality check and Xenon and LED flash.

Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia is always used as an example when it comes to camera picture clarity. The newly launched Z1 is yet another example for the same. The first ever water resistant phone has camera that will make you insane. The 20.7 MP autofocused featured camera comes with the LED flash and quality check as well. The phone has a secondary camera as well and HDR video to make it a cherry on the top.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung is taking the competition when it comes to camera to another level. Galaxy S4 Zoom is more of a camera cum phone. The first phone which has a proper zoom lens and even looks like a camera from behind. The phone comes with 16 MP xenon flash camera which already tells that you are carrying a phone and a camera amalgamated into one.

Iphone 5s

I phone with the new entry of 5S is another option for you when we are talking about good camera phones. The 8 mega pixel dual LED flash along with true tone makes this phone worth every penny. Its amazing display makes it even better like always.

Micromax Canvas Turbo

For people who cannot invest a lot into phones and yet want to maintain the quality this is the suitable option for you. The 13 megapixel LED flash can give any other phone a run for their money in this segment. The phone has an amazing processor and display as well.

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