Samsung Galaxy A Series Smartphones



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Samsung Galaxy A Series Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy A Series Smartphones

Galaxy A9, the 2016 edition of Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5 of 2016, and the 2016 version of GalaxyA3 that are successors of the existing Samsung Galaxy A Smartphone series may feature fingerprint sensors on their device home buttons like other

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Two New Philips Smartphones with Anti-Blue Displays

Philips Sapphire S antiblue

Philips Launches Two New Smartphones with Anti-Blue Displays. Have you for once look intently at your Smartphone screen and feel your eyes get fatigued or strained? This should be blamed on the blue light that is released by the display. Nevertheless,

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Best Android Smartphones that are Waterproof

waterproof android smartphone

With the technological advancements in the world, electronics and water can mix. Marine divers can now dive with their phones and other waterproof devices. We now have some smartphones that can handle the rain, tumble in the puddle, and dunk

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Are Nokia Smartphones Returning or Not?


There have been various reports recommending that Nokia, the once mobile phone industry leader is set to leave the Smartphone industry. However, several other reports suggest that the company is planning to resume its Smartphone production at the same time

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Karbonn Smartphones Review

karbonn titanium

Maybe you don't know but India based Karbonn is actually a partnership involving Delhi-based Jaina Group and Bangalore-based UTL Group. The organization is a producer of both mobile phone devices and tablets.

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Smart Phones Used by Celebrities

beckham smartphone samsung

Smart Phones and gadgets have become style statements with having a great smart phone being perceived as a sign of financial strength.  Seeing a celebrity using a particular phone makes people view the phone as classy, great and with wonderful

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LG Reveals 4 New Midrange Phones at Mobile World Congress


The four smartphones each can contain shows including 4-inches to 5-inches, in addition to variations providing 3G or LTE connection to suit the requirements of people. The Korean technology giant has revealed a brand new bunch of midrange smartphones created with

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Vaio Smartphones for 2015

VAIO smartphones

Vaio has shown some outstanding results in 2014. Vaio is famous because of its laptop department that Sony spun off this season, It’s expected to be enter in smartphone business-as early as January 2015 and also going to successfully dealing with its former

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Best 5 Smartphone Cameras

Smartphone Cameras

Initially smartphones use to compete with only another smartphones but as the importance of phones is increasing in our lives and its multiple use have made it indispensable. Now a superb phone camera is the most important feature someone looks

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