Are Nokia Smartphones Returning or Not?


There have been various reports recommending that Nokia, the once mobile phone industry leader is set to leave the Smartphone industry. However, several other reports suggest that the company is planning to resume its Smartphone production at the same time and would be back in the business as early as 2016.

A news emerged early this week from the company, claimed that Nokia is planning to abandon manufacturing Smartphones, condemning all the present rumors that suggested otherwise. However, a representative of Nokia said that the company is aware of the recent reports claiming that the company exchanged a few words about its intention to produce consumer handsets from a R&D facility in China. These are all false reports he reported.

It was reported that Nokia industry is looking forward to a top-secret project, having dominated the mobile phone industry for so long, and then a downfall. This top-secret is believed to be associated with work in progress on manufacturing a new Smartphone, which the company proposed to make public in 2016.

Nokia Lumia 2014-2015
Nokia Lumia 2014-2015

The design is to be licensed once the device is presented before the world, according to the details of this project. It is also believed that Nokia will appoint another company to handle the production and sales of the device later on.

It is almost one and half year that Microsoft Corporation acquired the Smartphone department of Nokia in a deal worth $7.5 million. Since then, the company had stepped away from manufacturing mobile phones, selling the rights to Microsoft to use its brand name.

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Nokia had once enjoyed the kind of success that other mobile manufacturers, such as Samsung and Apple Inc are enjoying currently. However, falling far behind its competitors in the Smartphone industry, Nokia was not able to measure up to the expected standard at the time of harsh competition.

It was gathered that the situation is nothing to write home about for Nokia, for the reason that all its clients have moved to other alternative brands. Nokia cannot launch a Smartphone in its own name before the third quarter of 2016, according to the terms set in the deal with Microsoft. The questions begging for answer remains that: Is this the end of Nokia? Is once the industry leader and mobile phone giant fallen into pieces?

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