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What is Snapchat exactly? And why it has been sweeping up the mobile users earlier than anything else?

Quickly, get ready for introduction to one among the trendiest new methods to interact with your friends quickly. Snapchat is trendy nowadays amongst the youngest smartphones users, including young adults and teens.

What Is Snapchat?

It is a mobile application which you can download onto your Android smartphone or iPhone, which you then can use to “chat” along with friends through videos, photos and captions. One amongst the most exclusive things about the Snapchat is its “self-destructing” features for photos few seconds after the photos have been seen. For instance, when you chat along with the friends by sending them any photo, the photo is deleted seconds after instantly it’s opened by recipients.

Sexting & Teen Snapchat Users 

Most of the Snapchat users are young adults and teenagers who plunge themselves in the social media networks and are quite addicted to smartphones. Because Snapchat photographs automatically self-destruct, a great trend has emerged that is sexting via Snapchat.

The kids basically are taking provocative photographs of themselves and then sending to their boyfriends/girlfriends/ friends using Snapchat, and feel more liberal regarding doing it as they know those photographs get deleted after few seconds only.

Saving Snapchat Screenshots

A general rule of web sharing goes something as: if you put that on the web, it’ll be there forever – although you delete it afterwards. It’s reassuring to be familiar with that Snapchat contents are deleted automatically soon after it’s viewed, but there still are ways to capture the contents and save it… everlastingly.

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According to the Snapchat site, users get notified if any recipients try to obtain a screenshot of your Snapchats. The screenshots indeed can be captured in case a user quickly does it, and the sends always is notified about it immediately.

Getting Started with the Snapchat app

Now that you are familiar with what Snapchat app is and what should you look for in the terms of security, so now here is actually how you can begin using it. You require downloading the free Android or iOS app from Google Play or iTunes.

This app will request you to create account by entering email address, password as well as username. Snapchat then asks if you wish to check to observe which of the friends in the social networks are using Snapchat already.

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