Kik, Skype, SnapChat and Clipchat Reviews



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Kik, Skype, SnapChat and Clipchat Reviews

snapchat reviews

With over millions users, Kik is an app that can’t be ignored. Like WhatsApp, Kik have many nifty features. There are numerous similarities to WhatsApp, including the power to send photos, have group chats, in addition to having the ability

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Why Should You Download and Use Facebook Messenger?

facebook messenger

The Facebook Messenger is an excellent app which is available for iPhone and the Android devices both, and it makes possible for the users to chat along with their friends on Facebook on the go. Certainly, if you’re near any computer, you still

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How To Use the Instagram Direct Messaging

instagram direct

Do you know the most recent version of Instagram has direct messaging service as well? Until now, any comments or posted to any Instagram public account was visible to anybody. While openness of Instagram now is a part of its

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Download Snapchat to Share Videos, Photos and More

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Snapchat is an app used to share videos, photos, drawings, and text. It's free completely to download this app and to send messages by using it.

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Getting Started with the Snapchat App


What is Snapchat exactly? And why it has been sweeping up the mobile users earlier than anything else? Quickly, get ready for introduction to one among the trendiest new methods to interact with your friends quickly. Snapchat is trendy nowadays amongst the youngest smartphones

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Messaging Apps has finally overtake SMS

messaging apps

Messaging Apps has finally overtake SMS? Yes. It is clear that SMS services are not going to survive for longer time period in comparison to the other text messaging apps.

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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