Why Should You Download and Use Facebook Messenger?

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The Facebook Messenger is an excellent app which is available for iPhone and the Android devices both, and it makes possible for the users to chat along with their friends on Facebook on the go. Certainly, if you’re near any computer, you still can use Facebook’s chat interface and messages platform, but we think that the mobile application is lot more instinctive, and here’s the reason why.

Facebook Messenger is around for few of years currently, but it wasn’t recently until that this became even more helpful with Windows Phones support and addition of a committed Groups tab for the group messaging. In addition, it’s free absolutely and available on Google Play and iTunes. Here’s the reason why Facebook Messenger tends to be superior to Facebook’s messaging platform and web chat, as well as default Facebook mobile application.

Facebook Chat, wherever You’ll Go

While you only can use Facebook Chat on a computer, the Facebook Messenger extend that capability to the mobile devices, letting to chat with your Facebook friends when you’re away from computer and on go. This especially is helpful if you wish to continue any conversation, but require heading out for any reason (or other person requires relocating).

Certainly, typing is much easier on full-size keyboard, thus web interface is ideal for those people wanting full keyboard; however the capability to be mobile when still being capable to chat with the Facebook friends is huge advantage to have.

Less Bugs, Better Interface

One thing which I love regarding Facebook Messenger is user interface; it’s easy, easy to use and clean. The same actually can’t be said out for web interface. It appears like Facebook constantly changes each month and consistency is difficult to come by while using Facebook site. Plus, the division between the Messages platform and Facebook Chat can be puzzling for lots of users. The Facebook Messenger combines both platforms simply to make it simpler to use. The Facebook Chat on web is full of bugs as well.

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Text Messaging Replacement

The Facebook Messenger is much like other IM applications out on market, like Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc. The most excellent part about such apps is that now you can make use of them to substitute traditional text messaging. In case you’ve Facebook friends who you chat with continually, it saves you easily from paying for additional text messages from your own carrier.

Certainly, most cellular plans today come with unlimited of text messaging, so the majority of users won’t get nailed with overage if they text a lot, but since the Facebook Messenger sends messages and chats over 3G/LTE or Wi-Fi, it’s much quicker at sending as well as receiving messages than the traditional text messaging.

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