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The concept behind the Moovit app was to collected data from transportation companies, and provides bus/ tram schedules, traffic updates and real-time GPS data for convenience of the travelers.

This is an open interface app which reconnects to GPS network when a user comes out of an underground subway. If you are travelijng by bus then this is a good app to have in your smartphone. You can use it to get information about the transit transfers, longest/ shortest commute timings and so on.

What’s the transit usage report?

The app comes with the ‘Did you know facts’ published by the developers and this list contains interesting findings regarding the distance people walk around in the major cities, frequent times people commute, waiting time for bus, etc.

What are the major milestones achieved by the app?

By the end of its first year in 2013, Moovit already had 3 million users which was good. As the end of 2014 drew close, there were nearly 32 million active users of the Moovit application. Since then, this number has been growing. In any given month, an average of nearly 2 million people downloads this free transit app on their devices.

Moovit had a great 2016 and hopes to continue riding the waves of success in 2017 too. You will be thrilled to know that the app is now available in 170 different cities across the world.

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