Download Pokémon Go game and Discover Pikachu with Santa’s Hat

Download Pokémon Go game and Discover Pikachu with Santa’s Hat

To get you into the mood of Christmas, the developers of Pokémon Go game have released a Pikachu wearing a Santa’s hat. Players can now catch this Pikachu and feel Christmas all around!

Pokémon Go is a free game app that is location-based. This reality game has been developed by Niantic for the various platforms – Android, iOS, and Apple Watch devices.

The game app is a result of collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo, as the Pokémon Company. The game was initially released in just a few selected countries in July 2016.

To play this game, the players use the GPS capability of their mobile phone to find, capture, battle, and train the virtual creatures known as ‘Pokémon’. The best part of the game is that it is location based so you get the feeling that the Pokémon’ is in the same location as the player.

People around the worlds are fast getting hooked with this game, and the new Pikachu with Santa hat has come just in time for Christmas to spread cheer all around!

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