Huawei works one OS to avoid Android

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The tech industry has many participants who work every day on developing new ideas and solutions in different areas. One of the best providers in communication and information world is definitely Huawei. With more than 150,000 employees and  150 countries worldwide, Huawei presents an ideal provider for many services. It connects the world by the Internet and its popular gadgets, especially smartphones, tablet or similar devices.

Huawei is not only the place where you can comfortably enjoy various contents but also the way of living. The provider invests a lot in its services on a daily basis and gives a serious sum of money to for promotion and expanding the activity. Following that, it is not strange why Chinese giant came up with the idea of building a special operating system.

Namely, recent information has confirmed that Huawei works hard to develop its own operating system in order to avoid counting on Android in every situation. This information is not official but some allegations insist on it, mentioning that Huawei works secretly on the aforementioned system. The other claims say that the projects are in the starting phase, including employees from the former Nokia provider. On the other hand, Abigail Brody who has worked for Apple and then as a creative director in Huawei didn‘t want to comment on this topic. Probably, he didn‘t want to reveal any information until the next meeting in the month August.

As we found out, the plan includes working on Emotion UI and making it more sophisticated. It is well-known interface based on Android model. The changes include improvements regarding design and performance issues. In addition, some of the new features as colors, icons or drawers will be included. However, the OS will contain some element from the Android but not the elements of the iOS operating system. We can compare the future model with some of Nexus attempts or Samsung‘s in the past.

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There is no doubt that Huawei will be successful in this try. Moreover, we must be convinced that provider knows very well what customers needs for better impressions. By including these ideas, we must be sure that Huawei will permanently grow in the future. Now, we are waiting for the next reports regarding the issue and believe in Huawei originality.

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