Cheap Tech Gifts for Christmas Under $25


Christmas is the time when you make merry and spend quality time with your family and friends. This is also the time when you exchange gifts to make those around you feel that you care. Giving gifts to family members and friends have remained one of the oldest Christmas traditions.

As December approaches, not only do the kids feel excited about getting their stockings filled with gifts. But, even adults eagerly wait for the gifts other family members and friends get for them.

However, buying gifts for everyone in the family or for your friends need not break your bank or make your feel financially unstable. If you think smart, there are actually several useful yet affordable tech gifts you can buy online for less than $25.


If you know someone who loves travelling but has the notorious habit of constantly losing things like keys, wallet, mobile phone then there’s a wonderful gift you can buy for them. Tile is a piece of plastic that looks like a key ring at first glance. You can connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth. You can then ring it from your mobile to find a lost item. You can also use it to locate your phone in case you misplace it somewhere.

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo has been bringing new hopes and cheer in the lives of many people. It is a speaker that can be kept in the bedroom, kitchen or living room. It comes with an Alexa assistant that promptly responds to various voice commands such as ‘set a one-hour timer’ or ‘play music Spotify’. Echo Dot is a mini version of the Echo which has a low quality speaker.

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XBOOM Mini portable speaker

Do you have a music lover in the family, or a friend who just cannot get enough of the music? Get this affordable and timeless XBOOM Mini portable speaker for them. The speaker offers decent quality volume for the price and the battery life is also good. These speakers are just what you need to lift your mood and create a festive spirit.

Ravpower battery pack

If you know someone who loves using their battery operated gadgets that keep running out all the time then it makes sense to give them a battery pack they can carry with them all the time. These battery packs can be bought at a considerably low price. Ravpower’s 16,750 mAh Power Bank has the capability to charge a mobile phone six times, and it can also be used to charge two tech gadgets at a time! It also comes with a flashlight.

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