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Waze traffic navigation app

Have you every wished that there was a way you could avoid heavy traffic and get to your destination much faster? There is a way, and that is the community based navigational app that remains unbeatable. Waze takes just seconds to download and install on your mobile device, and is commended for being highly accurate. Here are some features that you will love.

Accurate Traffic Updates

People who use waze are known as wazers, and they post live traffic updates including pictures to give you an idea of what is happening on your chosen or preferred route. Before you head to your final destination, have a look at what other users are saying.

Brilliant Voices

Most applications that feature voices have had robotic and generic sounding male or female voices. This is particularly true for GPS applications. With Waze, you can get directed home with the voices of Elvis Presley or Arnold Schwarzenegger and other leading celebrities. Those minutes spent getting home are suddenly much more fun.

Speed Alert

Sometimes you may be driving somewhere new and have no idea what the speed limit is. With Waze, you will get a voice alert that will let you know whether you are breaking the speed limit in a certain area. This will also help to keep you safe on roads where you may be prone to over speeding.

Route Selection

If there is more than one way to arrive at your destination, Waze shall illustrate all the routes. It will then select the fastest route for you, while ensuring you know and can choose another route if that is your preference. Should you miss your way, Waze has an excellent redirect feature which will help you reach your destination quickly.

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Go Invisible

When you do not want anyone to know where you are on the road, you can use the go invisible option on the waze app. This is a feature that can elevate your security and safety, especially if you are concerned that you may be a target.

This application continues to add features consistently, changing the way a person experiences commuting and traffic. Unlike other GPS navigation systems, the voice control is limited and only used when necessary, so as to avoid too much distraction when one is driving. You will appreciate the attention to detail that his application is famous for.

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