Free Upgrade to Windows10 to the Users of Win7 and Win8.1

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Microsoft is all set give away their latest OS, i.e., Windows 10 as a completely FREE upgrade to those using the current Windows version. Windows 10 is likely to be made available for the duration of 1 year as free upgrade to people using Windows-7, Windows-8.1.

This shift confirms that the company is moving to a frequently modernized, subscription-based model for their flagship OS, instead of a major, pay-for-the-upgrade for every couple of years.

Another thing to note is, in the past decade or so, Windows which has featured on approximately 15% of digital devices counting in tablets & phones, has become quite inapt to most consumers. The company is hoping that by making their latest OS free, they’ll be able to capture in excess of one billion Windows users to start running Windows on additional devices.

Step by Step: Upgrade Your OS to Win 10 for FREE

In order to upgrade to the latest OS from Microsoft, you simply follow the steps given below one by one.

Note: To successfully upgrade to Win10, you must install the newest updates from Windows on your desktop.

The users of Windows 8 could simply hit Windows key + C, then Settings, then Change PC Settings.

Next, press Update and recovery present on the left panel. Press install or install tab. Your PC will now start updating.

For those using Windows 7 OS, you could do this by pressing Start, then type update within the search area, then hit Windows Update.

At the left panel, press on Check for updates. Pick all updates, then press Install updates.

Once all the updates are successfully installed, you will see the app named Get Windows 10 onto your PC. With this app, you can reserve the copy of the latest Windows 10 OS. See the steps below.

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Press on the Windows icon onto your system tray.

Press Reserve free upgrade.

Add your valid email address for receiving the confirmation email.

Next, you should see a message which says your upgrade is reserved. Also, you’ll find a Cancel reservation bar on the bottom left corner.

In for any reason, you are not able to see the app which says Get Win 10 even after installing all the updates, then you may want to browse the FAQ page of Microsoft for further assistance.

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