Download GazeSpeak App from Microsoft



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Download GazeSpeak App from Microsoft

gazespeak microsoft app download

GazeSpeak, an app that intelligently recognises and interprets eye signals and registers them as letters. Sound like something out of a science fiction movie to you too? Microsoft has launched a new application they call ‘GazeSpeak’. The app aims to

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Skype Sweden To Be Closed

skype sweden

Microsoft has already gotten underway with their plans to close the Skype Sweden subsidiary of Skype in Stockholm, where more than 120 people who are employed there will soon become unemployed because of this move.

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Microsoft renames and upgrades “Beam” to compete with Twitch

mixer one beam

While Twitch is busy looking for ways to increase what can be stream on its platform, Microsoft is silently making plans to introduce a streaming platform that will be easy and comfortable to use. Microsoft, today renamed “Beam”, it game

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Microsoft introduce a portable holographic display that can fit into your glasses 

Microsoft portable holographic glasses

As part of the plans to make a portable headset for augmented reality, Microsoft has made a significant progress in making this a reality. Many wearable tech devices have been said to be holographic, but they aren’t. According to researches

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Is Windows Live Mail Changing?

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail users have recently been storming forums and message boards with questions as to whether they will be able to continue to use the service. The questions and answers alike have caused much confusion for everyone involved, even

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Microsoft unveiled next Suface Laptop which supports Windows 10 S

microsoft windows  s surface

Microsoft launched the latest surface laptop on 2nd May. Actually, the device was leaked one night before the official launch. The stage of the event at New York was hosted by Panos Panay. This new laptop can work with latest

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Project Scorpio is the new console from Microsoft

scorpio console microsoft

Project Scorpio is the new console from Microsoft that was announced last year at the Microsoft’s E3 briefing. The company planned to release the console this year and promise that it will be best and the most powerful console ever

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Whatsoever has Happened to Skype Messenger?

Skype calls no register

Skype, being the highly revolutionized free video call service, is still in use, but it is not discussed much in the realm of Snap Inc., Facebook, and Instagram Inc. Skype has got over 300 million active users, which makes it

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Microsoft going to add new calling features to Skype

microsoft skype for business

Skype, being the earliest online messaging app, offers both text messaging and video call features for its users, primarily being the free app services, it even works on the Skype credit card or subscription facilities to provide the latest options

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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