Microsoft introduce a portable holographic display that can fit into your glasses 

Microsoft portable holographic glasses

As part of the plans to make a portable headset for augmented reality, Microsoft has made a significant progress in making this a reality. Many wearable tech devices have been said to be holographic, but they aren’t. According to researches made, a real holographic image must be a laser-generated 3D imagery and it is usually enormous, unlike the portable wearables that are thought to be holographic but are not. The tech giant recently releases a new holographic wearable tech that is easy and comfortable to wear than it predecessors.

The holographic wearable was designed to have a near-eye holographic imagery, which features an optic lens that can fit inside a pair of glasses. According to the engineers in charge of the project, they confirmed that the augmented reality headset features a mirror and silicon with a liquid crystal, which is designed to fit inside the glass frame, however, the only part that is outside the frame is the electronic part that power the device.

Although the picture created with the near-eye portable device should be unusable and blur but with corrections made by the engineers to the holographic projector, it is now easier to see and read information generated through the pair of glasses.

The team of engineers behind the project provided solutions to some of the problems that are faced by the older version of the wearable techs that makes it impossible to generate real and clear images. The newly announced augmented reality device now features an enhanced eye-tracked rendering and an improved algorithm to generate quality holograms with vision auto correction. Also, for those who are having sight problems like astigmatism, the device has been designed to fit for you and for this reason, it won’t be that compulsory to have a set of corrective glasses.

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This has been some of the improvement made so far on the software part of the tech and it doesn’t necessarily point at the hardware part of the device. According to Microsoft, the device still faces some limitation, apart from the need for external electronics, it also produces a one- dimensional picture instead of a stereoscopic picture.

Apart from these limitations, the device produces a real holographic imagery and it’s comfortable and easy-to-wear all day. No matter where you work whether you’re a Designer, Gamer, Engineer or Doctor, you can use the portable tech device and enjoy the beauty of augmented reality without getting weighed down with heavy headsets.

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