Project Scorpio is the new console from Microsoft

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Project Scorpio is the new console from Microsoft that was announced last year at the Microsoft’s E3 briefing. The company planned to release the console this year and promise that it will be best and the most powerful console ever built. However, comparing its specs with that of the PS4 pro, it looks like Microsoft is right about Scorpio being the most powerful console ever built.

Features of Project Scorpio

Although haven’t seen the project Scorpio but in an interview with Eurogamer’s digital foundry, Microsoft has released the full specification of the console and this will be analyzed.

Software features

What makes project Scorpio so important is it GPU. From the full specs released by Microsoft, Scorpio will feature a huge graphical performance of six teraflops with a 40-compute unit and a CPU clock speed of 1172 MHz. However, with this feature, the console’s GPU is up to 5 times powerful than the original Xbox.

Although the Scorpio’s GPU is lower than the Geforce GTX 1080 graphics card (with nine teraflops) but, it is considered as a perfect match for Xbox gamers and it shouldn’t have any problem when playing Virtual Reality (VR) games.

Also, the console is now integrated with the new Microsoft’s DirectX 12 graphics API; however, this will help increase the efficiency of the console to around 50%. The console has also seen a boost in it CPU speed, which has been improved from 1.75GHz to 2.3GHz for enhanced performance. Although it still retained the same number of cores, its memory has also been increased to up to 60% compared to the original Xbox One.

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Hardware features

According to Microsoft, the hardware of the console was designed and upgraded based on the research carried out on existing consoles in which they detect some flaws, and by this, they were able to design what will be perfect for gamers.

One of the upgrades carried out on the system is the Audio processing unit that now features Dolby Atmos for improved output. Also, the new console is designed to exhale heat from a vapor chamber that is placed at the back of the console.

Amazingly, according to Eurogamer, the Microsoft’s Scorpio will be the first console to feature FreeSync, which is commonly found in PC. FreeSync will help prevent lag and stutter that usually occur when playing fast-paced games on a console that uses V-sync.

As already mentioned above, the features are not yet officially released, we believed it will be announced soon and we promise to update you with the latest news about project Scorpio.

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