The Best Unlocked Android Phones Of 2015



Unlocked Android phones have begun the marketing journey. These versions are external to the shackles, and it’s able to operate on any GSM machinist worldwide. These versions from Motorola, ONEplus, ASUS, HUAWEI and Alcatel, are less expensive and give excellent services. Let’s see the list below:

Motorola Moto G 2015

Motorola-Moto-G-2015The phone is relatively cheap and trades at around $200. This android phone is designed in a compact and water resistant mode. The device has a pure Android interface. A good camera is embedded on the phone, but it’s not the best available. The device lacks the NFC, and its specifications are not the highest in the market. The phone is user-friendly and capable of multitasking just like other classical phones. This model has a micro SD card slot for expandable storage. It blends well with replacement shells and allows for color swapping anytime one feel so.

Alcatel One Touch idol3


This is a phone is expected to provide high definition features at an affordable price. The phone is large with a display of 1080p. It has the best sound quality. The battery of this phone is very powerful as it can stay put for the whole day. Its interface is an ideal one as it’s possible to rotate its neat feature, and it still operates. The handset sells for $249.

ASUS ZenFone 2


This is a persuasive, plasticky, and unlocked mobile option. The device has the best specifications and high performance that complement its price. It’s one with the best battery life. This phone is also loaded with a bundle of accessories. The camera of this phone is fine, but its speakers are weak. It has an excellent display with a resolution of 1080p. ASUS sells at $199.

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One Plus 2


This phone has an excellent hardware design and quality fingerprints sensor. It has an attractive storage capacity of 64GB. Moreover, it has a wireless charging system and lacks NFC. It battery performance is effective, and its price of $389 strikes a balance between its performance.

Huawei P8


Its specifications are; a solid hardware design and a decent outlook. An ideal post-sale customer service. Huawei runs the old version of Android, and there is no certainty about the day of the update. Huawei has dynamic and attractive user interface.

Moto X style


Its price is affordable, has customized design options and front facing speakers. Xperia Z3 has an excellent battery life and it gets up in age. In buying this model, it’s crucial to by the last year’s specifications.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing

  1. Affordability is the key determinant of the model of the phone that one should buy.
  2. Displays are universally good, and a larger screen will be better.
  3. While there other many platforms, Apple iOS only comes on iPhones
  4. To go unlocked world means a bit of research will be conducted, and not all phones will work out in a certain discipline.

The above collection is not the full summary of unlocked phones but a sample of the best-selling phones version. Their prices are standardized, and you wouldn’t complain price as a limiting factor.

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