Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv vs Samsung Galaxy S Edge

The Priv of BlackBerry – the maiden edition of the Android Smartphone of the firm seems as if it is now revealing the way things are done to Samsung and Apple. Rather than mostly for show on the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+, it looks as if the new Blackberry Priv Smartphone could now reveal to the entire world the way curved edges on a Smartphone will essentially be helpful.

A leaked simulator all the way from Canadian network Telus has actually revealed that the dual-edge curved display of the Priv will be for more than fancy look only, but it will arrive with additional tricks that will boost production.

The battery charging meter is the very first one. It appears good and cool and uses the additional screen real estate for another thing, instead of just an extension of what is actually on the display.

BlackBerry and Samsung

BlackBerry has actually taken the quintessence of the Hub from BlackBerry 10 (the place where you swipe all the way from the left to open your message center) and making use of that particular motion to open a Notes app, in a situation where you are browsing around the web or having a chat with a business colleague.

This however will be useless to quite a number of people, while a lot of people will likely get more use out of the capability to put favorite apps on there. Also, another trick is on the Galaxy Edge.

Swiping up on an app will open any related widgets, in the same vein to the capability to press the display on the iPhone 6S and get a 3D-Touch-enabled pop up – which is something a bit peculiar about the Priv.

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It is abnormal to imagine it, although BlackBerry might have at last got an automatic and elegant handset in the works, which the typical customer would prefer to be toting – been a short while in view of the fact that that notion is been bandied about, but it is just great to see.

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