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After Apple made the notch feature unbelievably notorious and a huge variety of Android-based smartphones started to flaunt their notches, there hasn’t been any smartphone company trying to present a brand unique notch from the Apple one. And despite that the notch trend has its fans and haters at the same time, it can’t be denied that the notched smartphones are purchased more than other notchless alternatives – Apple stated that customers bought the notched iPhone X more than other iPhone smartphones. However, with the recent modifications added to the notch design and its functionality in allowing more screen space for the user, it’s obvious that notched smartphones aren’t going to fade away any time soon.

Interestingly enough, the OPPO smartphones developers are reportedly aiming to create a different essence to the notch. The latest OPPO R15 Pro is flaunting a bit of a different notch than other smartphones; the OPPO R15 Pro, which is supported by OPPO’s ColorOS Android skin, when the landscape mode is on, turns the notch area to a concealed shortcuts list that’s swiped out in order to be revealed. Also, there’re two chat apps shortcuts – WhatsApp and Line, for instance, or you can go with any favorite chat apps of yours – that are located above the notch that can be used simultaneously whilst doing another thing – such as watching a movie.

Once you receive a new message from either chatting apps, by tapping it you’ll be getting a mini window representing your chat without interrupting whatever you’re doing; and the tiny chat window can be relocated across the screen or resized as well. It’s indeed a very useful and interesting feature that enables you to carry on with your chatting sessions without suffering from heading over to the chat app directly and disturbing your YouTube hour of entertainment, for example.

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OPPO’s clever decision to make use of the areas surrounding the notch is clearly expressing the company’s willingness to experiment more and also to justify the overall design of the OPPO R15 Pro. More importantly, utilizing the surrounding areas of the notch isn’t going to hinder the performance of the smartphone from any aspect; the smartphone is fully functional alongside the utilized notch areas.

Thankfully, the upcoming Android version, 9.0, will be presenting a support for notches – screen cutouts. This unique Android version will grant smartphones companies and software developers better-than-ever chances to bring about a functional notch from all aspects. Of course, hats off to OPPO for taking the initiative and presenting the masses with a justifiable functionality for the notch of the OPPO R15 Pro, and let’s hope that other companies are bold and willing enough to reconsider their notch criteria.

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