Fortnite vs PUBG

Fortnite vs PUBG

What if I asked you a question which game is better Fortnite or PUBG, what would your answer be and what if I then asked you the question why does it matter. Ever since Fortnite was released there has been a constant online rivalry between fans of both games; diehard Fortnite players who don’t want anything bad said against their game and PUBG players may be angry that their virtual crown has been lost are quick to remind Fortnite players that their game was the first to smash player records. Of course not every player thinks like this and some people don’t even care but why does there even need to be them versus us mentality here in the first place, why does someone have to prefer PUBG over Fortnite or vice versa. I don’t think that that rivalry needs to exist I enjoy playing both of these games and often for different reasons and experiences I don’t really read too much into what game is the most popular out of the two or what other people are saying if I enjoy a game then I’m going to play it and I’m sure that that’s the same for most people.

Sure they are both similar in the sense that they are both battle royale games at their core with the circle that gets smaller and it forces all the players together you have to loop weapons and items when you hit the ground after you jump out of an airplane or a bus and then the last player or squad are crowned the winners. Beyond that, though the design and concept of both games are massively different and the games play out very differently as you get massively varying experiences from playing five games on Fortnite to playing five games of PUBG.

I think it’s fair to say to that Fortnite caters for a younger audience compared to PUBG. That is not to say that older people can’t or don’t play it but its art style, the cosmetic items, player outfits and the free-to-play model definitely lend themselves towards a younger market for the most part. PUBG, on the other hand, I don’t think it has as much power to pull in a younger audience it’s arguably more of a mature game that’s based more in reality and more immersive while the shooting mechanics on Fortnite, of course, takes skill it’s really the building that sets it apart from its battle royale competition being able to not only destroy most of the items and cover on the map as well as being able to build your own cover in the form of ramps floors and walls just completely changes how each engagement can play out regardless of what part of the map that you are fighting on.

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Fortnite or PUBG

In Fortnite, I think you could be a less skilled aimer than your opponent but if you are a better and quicker builder in that level 1 and you can still come out on top it really does make that much of a difference. There is definitely something of an unknown in each engagement especially in squads which means that you really need to keep on your toes. Combine that with the arcade nature of the game so players can jump and shoot still remain accurate it can bounce around with impulse grenades ride rockets use jump pads the list goes on and it just makes for a vastly different and sometimes unpredictable experience.

Having someone pinned behind cover in Fortnite really means nothing but in PUBG it means everything that works both ways though if you are stuck behind cover and you have got an enemy or enemies pinning you down then your options are massively limited in PUBG on how you can escape whereas in the Fortnite you have got at least a fighting chance. You could argue that PUBG forces you to play the zone in a smart way and really think about your movement your next moves and placement but then even with fantastic foresight you could still get caught out by a bud zone movement. In Fortnite, I really don’t think that you need to worry about the zone placement as much because you know that you can just build cover when you get there if you need to and the map is much smaller so there is never really that far to run.

Whilst I like both of these games I think they do certain mechanics better than the other, one thing that I think Fortnite has over PUBG is the mid-game for the most part you see way more players in Fortnite than you do in PUBG just because a ton of players in PUBG tend to die earlier and of course the fault line map is a lot smaller blue hole.

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