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BlackBerry has had a few rough years, having lost its ‘Crackberry’ touch that it enjoyed at the advent of the smartphone. Keeping a firm grasp to its own OS has meant that BlackBerry devices catered to a niche market, that was unable to bring its sales to the market leading position it held in the past. It looks like the time for a turnaround is here with the BlackBerry PRIV, which is the first ever BlackBerry android smartphone. This exciting release spells a new era for BlackBerry and a valid competitive footing.

Here is what you can expect from the BlackBerry PRIV.

Brilliant Display

This smartphone features a highly modern curved QHD screen that reveals a completely new visual direction for a BlackBerry device. It still retains that authentic BlackBerry touch by featuring a traditional push button slide out keyboard below the touch screen. This helps it to stand out from all the other smartphones that are on the market.

Stunning Camera

You will find an 18MP sensor camera which is the most powerful camera that has ever been fitted into a BlackBerry device. When you take a picture, you will be stunned by the amount of detail that you can capture, and the number of effects available to tweak your photo. It is quite simple to give your pictures a professional look with this camera.

Large Battery

The large battery within the BlackBerry PRIV serves two purposes. First, it makes it possible for you to use the smartphone for longer periods of time. Second, it ensures that the handset is slightly thicker than other smartphones on the market. This makes it much more difficult for this phone to slip out of your hands and get damaged.

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Interesting New Features

Do you want to wake up your BlackBerry PRIV? Rather than looking for some button along the side to press, you can simple double tap on the display. This will instantly put your screen on, enabling you to immediately interact with the phone.

This modern device is just what any professional would need, as it reflects the premium look and feel that separate BlackBerry devices from other market offerings. It brings together the best of Android and BlackBerry offerings, and is an excellent first device. More devices are expected to follow in 2016, featuring the Android OS to make them more attractive to both app developers and consumers.

And now with Android 6.0 Marshmallow!

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