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BlackBerry 10 is in no way dead, but from the look of things, it feels like it is dead ever since BlackBerry Priv was introduced into mobile scene. People concluded that it is dead because it is not receiving any update or advance to anything beyond what it is today. This is not completely true, or has not really been confirmed so.

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The intention of BlackBerry is to launch 2 new gadgets that will both run on the Android operating system of Google in 2016. Nothing has been mentioned concerning 2017 and beyond, which makes somebody to believe that BlackBerry must have renewed the interest of BlackBerry software operating on BlackBerry hardware.

In the meantime, BlackBerry 10 is currently ready to get two updates this year with both versions 10.3.3 and 10.3.4. Incremental updates at best to uphold tight security, which is exactly what BlackBerry is good at and recognized for nowadays.

Tight security is all it requires to make the decision to stick with BlackBerry 10 for a number of people – but not many. The most vital things in a phone are simplicity, a thriving app ecosystem, and great cameras, as for the rest of the world. These are the imperative things that BlackBerry gadgets running BlackBerry 10 are missing.

At this moment, it is a bit harsh to conclude or say that BlackBerry 10 lacks simplicity, but the fact is steep if you are looking for a user experience that is closer to iOS or Android. Things got a bit exhilarating when it became known that BlackBerry may possibly run Android applications. Nevertheless, this was only possible at the time Android applications were side loaded, which might augur well with those who prefer messing with phones. This is not so much for the wide-ranging consumer.

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With the addition of the Amazon App store, BlackBerry would make things easier afterward, but at present, things still are not all that easy. The Amazon App store is till deficient in certain imperative apps from the Google Play Store, such as Google Apps. Yet, it still helped a lot. The Amazon App store still has unexpectedly excellent assortment of apps, and this can make you save some cash at the end, if you are into the mobile gaming scene. Moreover, you were no longer forced to side-load any longer.

In spite of all odds, BlackBerry 10 devices just didn’t cut it for nearly all those who had already condemned it in support of Android or iOS. People are now expecting a Smartphone to have the complete package, and BlackBerry gadgets were not just cutting it by being almost there.

BlackBerry really required the kind of features and exposure that Android could offer, while Android also required the kind of security that BlackBerry could give. It is not just fragments here and there but a good partnership that will really provide the entire package. BlackBerry name has been talked about more positively recently, even if sales of the Priv are not actually flourishing. Customers and phone users are now taking a renewed significance in BlackBerry.

Maybe the launching of the Priv means that BlackBerry 10 is in its final days, but it is unfair to conclude that way, without the official pronouncement. Maybe in the future, BlackBerry 10 will come back again, improved with whatever knowledge BlackBerry can gain from whatever consumers use on their Android hardware.

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