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new Skype App

On the first week of April 2015, Skype has updated its app for smartphones including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The new updates come with number of new features like bubble style chat design, animated emoticons, emoji support and many other things. So, if you have not updated latest version of Skype yet, then I suggest you to update your Skype application right now to enjoy the new features. Let's take a quick view to the latest new features of Skype app below:

Participants Option: Now you can view and change display pictures of all group chats. Just use participant option in group chat and change the avatars.

Auto Scroll: Auto scroll feature of Skype was one of the bad features, but now Skype has disabled this feature in latest updates. Now chats will not auto scroll when new message will come in.

Login Settings: If you are using multiple Skype accounts on same phone then feature will help you a lot to sign up to another Skype account once you logout. Every time when you sign-out the username and password will be required to sign back in.

Emojis: Animated emoticons was one of the most missing feature of Skype, while other applications has introduced this feature a long time ago, now Skype has also introduced animated emoticons, that’s not the only update but Skype has also introduced the bigger size of emojis as well.

Bubble design: Except the above updates, Skype has re designed the whole design of app, the new bubble style chat layout looks simply amazing and will impressed you if you are using Skype app on Windows phone as compare to other operating systems.

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As Skype is rolling Skype for business in the end of April, it is expected that the Skype for business will be also introduced to the next update of Skype app for smart phones. So, get ready to take your simple Skype video chat app to next level and now use Skype for your business purposes also.

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