Germans Switch to Threema Messenger App for Privacy Reasons

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Threema messenger app is such a safe messaging service which has really developed to be among the notable apps in Germany. It is going to be officially launched in the United States. Threema messaging app was created in 2012 and has prides itself on its security and end-to-end features. It is next to big apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger. Threema boasts only 3.5 million monthly active users while WhatsApp has 800 million.

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However, in previous year, the user-base of Threema has shot up by approximately 900 percent, and has never advertised itself on the international level. Furthermore, Threema messaging app costs $1.99 to download while other apps are free. Still, it is experiencing success in its own right.

Going by the report of App Annie – an analytics company, Threema messaging app has been on pinnacle of German paid download charts for the past two years now. It is outranking WeatherPro and Minecraft and also in the second position in the current Google Play charts. It is noteworthy that Threema messaging app is significantly bigger than Wickr chat app, which has just between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads according to Google Play Store metrics.

Germany has taken so warmly to Threema messaging app because it has had a certain powerful response to the revelations of Snowden that included assert that the chancellor of Angela Markel’s phone was bugged by NSA. In response to growing fallout over the alleged joint surveillance of the European companies and officials, the cooperation of the German intelligence agency BND with the US National Security Agency was reduced drastically.

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Threema is situated in Switzerland – and it has a number of user-friendly solitude laws in the world coupled with 12 permanent staff. The company is now keen to enter new markets, following its German success.

With Threema messaging app, users are not required to give a phone number or any other deails of identification before they can make use of the app, while the encryption keys are stored on phones only – which makes it impossible for Threema to read the contents of messages.

Despite the fact that Facebook promised that WhatsApp would remain an independent entity no advertising-oriented business model, these promises are not sufficient to stop the German users from bidding farewell to WhatsApp.

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