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As far as the online space in concerned in China and across the world, WeChat is second to none. Despite the fact that this messenger app is new, it comes with amazing features that outshined most of the distinguished messenger apps. If you have not heard about WeChat, it is a vital app and the rave of the moment in China.

With WeChat, you can do just whatever you like, such as booking an appointment with your doctor, reading latest news, ordering food from a restaurant, making video calls, sending money to people, playing games and lots more. In a nutshell, WeChat is mainly China’s edition of Facebook.

Look at some of the best features of WeChat!

Group Messaging

On WeChat, you have the choice of adding up to 40 members on your Group Messaging. On Whatsapp however, it is limited to only 30 members.

Hold to Talk

The Hold to Talk feature is the button you press on WeChat to record your message and before you know what is happening, it is already sent. However, don’t mix this feature up with Voice Search. As a matter of fact, after the voice search, your message goes as a voice recording and not as text.

Web WeChat

Web WeChat is the coolest and best feature ever! This will prevent you from juggling between your phone and your. Just get a hold of WeChat on your PC by just logging into the profile via your PC and carry on with your discussions. All the related records are deleted from your system, despite the fact that a back-up of the discussion is created on your phone.

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Shake is another fun feature of WeChat. Once you get your phone activated, you can carry on shaking your phone. Once you do this, if there are other users wherever in the whole universe shaking their phones at that moment, their names will appear on your list! Get connected and begin to chat!

We Chat is Free! Perpetually!

WeChat promises to remain free forever, even as Whatsapp charges users a nominal usage fee after one year of usage. This may frequently go beyond one year in some cases.

Video Call Support

WeChat offer support for Video Call function on 3G or WiFi, different from Whatsapp. With this feature you can now see one another while talking!

Social Network Integration

WeChat, which is quite different from Whatsapp is not only another instant-messaging app, but also supports social network incorporation and you can as well connect WeChat to your Facebook profiles.


Download Wechat messenger

Download Whatsapp messenger

Without mincing words, WeChat, is the most essential app in China right now. It allows its users to perform any operation and covers all areas of communication and business. As a result, when will you download WeChat?

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