Why WeChat Messenger could be Better than Whatsapp



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Why WeChat Messenger could be Better than Whatsapp

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As far as the online space in concerned in China and across the world, WeChat is second to none. Despite the fact that this messenger app is new, it comes with amazing features that outshined most of the distinguished messenger

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Are Secure Messaging Apps Really Secure?

secure messaging apps

Messaging app developers pride themselves on creating fun and secure apps that are easy to use. Certin apps are known to be more secure than others, an vice versa- but are the most secure messaging apps really as secure as

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Google splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet

Google Hangout MEET CHAT

The messaging strategy of Google is quite confusing, however if there is one thing which is cleared after present Cloud Next keynote, then it is the announcement which company made on thinking over the concept of splitting the Hangout in

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Which do you prefer: Signal, Google Voice, Textra SMS, Android Messages

messaging apps sms

Out of all the features which Android has done very well, messaging is the one which is still considered the best as compared to other famous mobile platforms. The reason is that the makers have customary loaded a practical messaging

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Viber Messenger Clones Snapchat’s ‘Secret Chat’ Tool

Secret Chats Viber

Failing to compete with other giants in the messaging industry, most messaging apps have now embarked on copying other apps’ inventories in order to keep their pace with them. This action is growing in an alarming speed and need to

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QQ Mobile vs WECHAT Messaging Apps

qq wechat messenger

Are you preparing yourself for a visit in China? Are you stuck when finding out which is the best messaging app in China that you can use to keep in touch with your friends and maybe your family at home?

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Skype vs WhatsApp

skype vs whatsapp

There is a dilemma on which app will cover the post-texting world. Many applications have been released in the market, and each app tries to outfit the other. This article tries to give the reviews between Whatsapp and Skype messaging

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WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber and other Smartphone Apps Reviews

WhatsApp Viber WeChat

WeChat is the whole mobile communication and private social networking app. It is all very exciting having the most recent version of Android install itself on mobile but what happens when it creates changes you don’t actually like. That’s the

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WeChat for Video Calls and Group Text and Voice Chat


Mobile messaging apps have greatly revolutionized the way people link with one another across the world. Using OTT messaging app offers many advantages for users. The biggest benefits centre on the convenience, cost and “cool factor” of communication with messaging application.

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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