Viber Messenger Clones Snapchat’s ‘Secret Chat’ Tool

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Failing to compete with other giants in the messaging industry, most messaging apps have now embarked on copying other apps’ inventories in order to keep their pace with them. This action is growing in an alarming speed and need to be dealt with so that we can have a healthy competition in this industry as well as in technology.

According to the latest observations, everyone is copying Snapchat right now, but the messaging app Viber has gone way back to the old school by cloning Snapchat’s primary transient messaging feature. This has went past the limits and the matter is hotly debated over the internet.

Different from Facebook, which has flung Snapchat’s 24hour Story feature into all of its basic mobile applications, Viber, which was bought by Rakuten for $1 billion few years ago, it has cloned the original tool that mapped Snapchat into the messaging platform.

Viber for iOS as well as that for Android recently got an update that conveys “Secret Chats” to the service as a unique feature for itself for the first time. Like Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram and many other messaging apps before it, Viber now allows its users to fix a timer for their posts, after which the messages will do a self-destruct. The new tool also warns a user if the one to whom they are talking or sharing takes a screenshot that is another tool that Snapchat founded.

Viber Messenger has for some time appealed that it services more than 800 million listed users, but it does not give a clear figure of how many are really active. It has a stout network of operators in some parts of North America and Latin Africa, as well as in Myanmar and in the Philippines living in far Southeast Asia, but it is much, much far from as globally popular as Messenger or WhatsApp.

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With the universal messaging universe pretty stable as the apps of choice have coagulated their places in most parts of the domain, Viber seems to be forcing its security qualifications in a bit to distinguish itself from the rest of the messaging apps. It added end-to-end encryption as well secreted chats last year, though researchers raised worries around some of the firm’s claims.

The messaging platform needs creativity and every app has to implement their own features to embrace and entice their user to love and use them more as well as attract new users to the platform.

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