iOS 9 Beta-5 will Switch to the Cell Data Mode if Poor Wi-Fi

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iOS 9 Beta-5 Will Switch to the Cell Data Mode Automatically whenever the Wi-Fi Network is Poor. Apple Inc. launched 5th beta version of their latest iOS 9 to the developers, in addition to the 3rd beta for normal beta testers.

The prerelease OS versions for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch as well as iPad includes build number as 13A4325c. They’re offered on the air or you could also download them thru the Apple Developer Center.

The iOS-9 Public Beta-3 & iOS-9 Developer Beta-5 feature a number of additions such as fresh wallpapers, keyboard tweaks, Wi-Fi Assist, modernized interface for CarPlay, Siri User Interface changes, Wi-Fi call feature for the subscribers AT&T, just to name a few.

The newest beta offers a huge collection of fresh wallpapers whilst removing older ones. The latest beta can add a Wi-Fi call option the users of AT&T as well; even though MacRumors states the feature isn’t available to the users as of yet. The latest Wi-Fi Assist add-on could be seen at the bottom part of cellular settings as well. This will switch to the data mode automatically whenever you the Wi-Fi connection is not that strong. Also, it is worth to point the fact that the iOS along with similar mobile operating systems at the moment shift towards the cellular data only if the user is not able to access the Wi-Fi signal, and not if the user has weak Wi-Fi connection.

Also, the beta has added a unique "Shuffle All" feature in Apple Music; you will see it at the top part of My Music section when browsing genre, album, or enjoying the music. The latest delete, dictation, and shift keys could be seen within your iPhone’s keyboard. The functionality settings for Handoff have been modified, meaning there won’t be any App Store suggestions onto the user’s lock screen. Rather it’ll show suggestions only for the apps already installed.

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In addition, the CarPlay interface has been improved. A huge artwork has been added which shows behind the music panels. Also, the beta 5 adds the like feature with the heart key when it’s in the Apple Music or Beats 1 radio. Siri has been updated with a few tweaks in the interface for Suggestions feature.

There’s an improved animation when you turn of the Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the option for Text shortcuts in the keyboard settings is now called as "Text Replacement."

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