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In addition to making high quality and most used appliances and devices all over the globe, Samsung has now dipped far inside the know-how to provide more efficient and great features. As the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 approaches, more and more tools about the new device are being revealed.

Latest reports have proposed the smartphone will service facial recognition for authorizing payments thru Samsung Pay. This is primarily meant to tighten security of your cash as well as keeping privacy at the top notch.

The phone will undoubtedly blend iris detection, fingerprint, and facial detection to confirm users accessing mobile services making it hard for anyone to access you device without your authorization. The device will perhaps be named a ‘banking phone’ since it has very unique specifications that can best work with banks.

According to rumors, the phone is already working with banks to help them do facial recognition in their systems. But Samsung executives refused to remark on the same. Probably, it might have been under test

According to the formal report given by Samsung, the feature won’t be accessible at the launch of the smartphone, but will be turned out months later. This will allow enough time to determine whether the feature is right as well as see first how the phone will be welcomed on its launch day.

Previous Samsung handsets, including the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7, permitted users to unlock and control them with their eyes. But so far they did not use facial recognition to authorize payments, and the Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone to use it.

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In spite the case that this will be the first phone to use facial recognition to authorize payments, we do not expect it to have any shortcomings since, even if the Note 7, that caught fire due to overheating, Samsung has been a promising company that keep its promises. Therefore, there is no doubt on the efficiency of this feature.

To sum up, there will be more official information during the launch of the phone. For Samsung Galaxy lovers, I can say it is a high time for you and your favorite company is doing its best to give you something worthy your cash. The price will be also given during the launch date. Samsung is broadly said to launch the smartphone to the public on March 29 at a distinctive unpacked affair in New York.

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