Samsung Electronics Company Diversifies

Samsung electronics company

Samsung Electronics Company being foremost in the Smartphone market worldwide with its exceptional and incomparable hardware based on sturdy aggressiveness of parts for quite an age. Nevertheless, people are expecting the type of changes that kind of changes like refurbishing will bring to Samsung Electronics to show that they are the real leader in Smartphone production in the whole world.

It was gathered from recent news that Samsung Company has clearly shifted the attention of its main business to SW (Software). In addition, are high that Samsung will make a thriving to SW oriented ICT business, while highlighting the significance of the Software business for over 7 to 8 years while experiencing a variety of failure.

In November 16, Samsung proclaimed that it bought over NewNet Canada, the owner of a next generation mobile messenger called Rich Communications Services (RCS) technology. Samsung users worldwide will have the opportunity of sending big-size videos and photos with RCS and allow for a group chat service, if Samsung Smartphones acquire RCS.

Just in October, Company took over the ownership of VIV Labs which represents the strategy of Samsung. While VIV Labs boasts open platform technology, its open AI platform lets Samsung Electronics as well as third party companies develop and deliver AI services for Samsung smartphones. Company will have the capability of taking the initiative in AI platforms as Google Play and Apple App Store have once served as open application platforms.

Moreover, the first automotive electronics parts called Harman was bought over by Samsung Electronics Company, claiming that infotainment systems will play significant part in a time of self-sufficient vehicles and linked cars in the future.

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The slouch in the mobile operating system (OS) sector is the largest pain as far as the past of Samsung Electronics which has dominated the Smartphone market is concerned. Bada is the next generation mobile OS, and was uncovered in 2009 and also released SDK to its partners. On the other hand, the latest Smartphone from Samsung Electronics Company collapsed in the OS market spearheaded by Android from Google and iOS from Apple.

This collapse did not discourage Samsung but rather started developing the Tizen OS in 2012 in collaboration with Intel. Despite the fact that the latest OS Smartphone failed to deverstate the strongholds of Google and Apple, it was extensively rumored that Samsung would also give up Tizen.

Recently, Samsung Electronics made it known recently at a game developer conference in India that it will shore up Tizen game developers every month with about US$1 million. This means that each developer of the best 100 download games will go home with US$100,000 every month.

The significance of Tizen is duly felt in the smart watch sector, despite the fact that it didn’t lead the world like iOS. However, in the nearest future, Samsung Electronics Company will have the chance of using Tizen in the smart device world that have OSs installed in electric home appliances and automobiles.

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