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Amongst all the struggles and debates Facebook is facing currently regarding privacy settings and informing the users with the reality behind tracking down their messages and call logs, Facebook is definitely not planning to hinder the development of its messengers. Over the last weeks, FB announced that the company is planning to enhance the messenger group chats experiences by granting the groups admins more roles and functions that are designed to ease the communication via the Facebook messenger in an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

The Facebook company described the new admins features as highly requested by the messenger users; these new admin roles are essentially expected to empower his functionality in running the group chat effortlessly and with no major obstacles. The innovative features include, for instance, the admin privilege; a feature that allows the group admin to approve the joining of new members to the group chat before they actually join it. Also, the admin can freely remove certain members or promote others or even decrease others roles. And the latest feature is expected to be incorporated in Facebook’s Workplace Chat as well.

Fortunately, these newest admin privilege features are optional choices the admin gets to make; if the group chat doesn’t need this high level of controlling, these privileges can be subsidized until further notice. The admin has to decide whether he’d like to exercise some sort of an organized control upon the chatting session or not; approving new members to the chat, for instance, is automatically off til the admin, if he chooses to, turns this feature on.

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Additionally, there’s still another feature that enables new members to join the group chat, and that’s by sharing a joining link. The joining link can be created and shared with others by any of the group chat members. And if the approving-new-members feature is off at the moment, newly invited members can join the group automatically.

Despite the heated speculations about the measures Facebook is considering to become more transparent regarding its privacy standards, there are a bundle of improved updates happening within the messaging app and its messengers every now and then. Facebook groups are the latest to experience new features; whilst the admin privileges feature makes it easier to conduct group chats rightfully, these privileges are also optional and admin-empowering. Right now, all that Facebook needs is only considering the elimination of the need to track down individualistic information under the cover of improving Facebook app users experiences.

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