KakaoTalk Joins International Markets to expand Kakao Blockchain

KakaoTalk blockchain

Recently, the South Korean messaging app, KakaoTalk, announced the beginning of its journey to join the international markets in an attempt to expand its Blockchain services to more worldwide regions. The famous South Korean chatting app is aware of its increasing popularity and the diversity of the services that it provides the users; this is why the owner company of the app took the initiative of expanding its influence to reach new communities.

As it is the most notorious app in South Korea in the moment, KakaoTalk is looking forward to incorporate more international users in its system. The decision to increase Kakao Blockchain to reach international markets occurs parallel to the noticeable growth of Kakao which provides multiple services to many users and is starting to expand to new markets with subtle and measured steps. The services Kakao is going to bring to the new worldwide markets goes beyond regular services.

The 2010 birthed app, Kakao, is continuously offering new and improved services; mixed services that range from ordinary messaging app services to games and transactions as well. The company stated that the plan to incorporate new markets and present various services to debutant users is a crucial step for KakaoTalk; the Kakao Company is walking the same road that many companies nowadays are walking. Kakao’s goal is to reach the most possible markets out there, starting from China and Asia.

The newly created “Ground X” represents Kakao’s division that is specialized in Blockchain; “Ground X”, in order for Kakao Blockchain to reach Asia, is going to be made available to the public in general. Ordinary citizens are going to be presented with a bundle of Blockchain services, merged with the regular Kakao services as well. Additionally, the company has serious intentions to renovate the experience of Kakao by adding some new features that may include educational conferences and events.

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The company’s officials added that Kakao is exerting a huge effort to meet the users individualistic needs; Kakao is doing so by bringing the innovation of services and the satisfaction of customers into one formula. And despite the fact that Kakao is not the only company to initiate its Blockchain plans, it is considered one of the strongest contenders in the field.

And as Kakao already took the initiative of starting its own cryptocurrency division, the company is, undoubtedly, seeking to attract more markets in order to reach a wider audience both regionally and globally.

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