How to Fix a Phone that won’t charge Properly

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If you are having a phone that is not charging properly, don’t put the blame on the battery or the charger. The solution to this might be very simple that what you had actually thought. The following trick and tips might assist you in case your tablet or smartphone isn’t charging properly.

Why The Phone Isn’t Charging

The problem of the phone not charging might occur in various semblances. This can either be the phone charges very slowly or not charging at all. This problem is quite common and numerous people have experienced it with their smartphone devices.

DIY USB port fix

This is the easiest and quickest way to fix the phone. It is actually the most successful solution that entails carrying out a DIY repair on your device (hardware). The problem might be on the metallic surfaces of the microUSB charge and the inside USB port not making a good contact. This might either be due to continual unplugging and plugging or just a manufacturing defect of the charging cable. All that is require of you will be shutting down the device and remove the battery. Follow-up this by using a small tool like a toothpick to “lever up” the little tab that is the inside part of the USB port of your tablet or smartphone. Consider doing it slowly, gently, and carefully. Proceed by reinserting your battery and plug in the charger again. This might be the only needed solution.

Switch Cables

The cable is the flimsiest part of your phone’s charger, and not the adapter. In most cases, this affect Apple users, this is due to the fact that the Apple’s expensive and proprietary Lightning cables have a seemingly lifespan of about fifteen minutes, although all cables have got endless flexing, tough life, and curling. The best way to consider diagnosing a faulty cable is by considering the use of a different one. Find out whether the other cable works perfectly with your device, and in case it does work then you will need to get a new one.

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Safety First

Always ensure that you are not charging your phone near locations where there is water. You should also avoid charging your phone around excessively humid and hot conditions. Also ensure that you are not overcharging the device, more so by avoiding charging it overnight when you can fall asleep and subject it to long hours of charging. This can damage your phone or make your battery to explode. In most cases, the phone has got a cut-off switch for the battery, but it doesn’t work at some particular times.

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