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Are you preparing yourself for a visit in China? Are you stuck when finding out which is the best messaging app in China that you can use to keep in touch with your friends and maybe your family at home? Well, WECHAT ( WEIXIN ) and QQ mobile are the main messaging apps in this country. Among them, the QQ messaging app is dominating in the country when it comes to features and usage.

The QQ app was developed by Tencent, a Chinese company, its trademark penguin is very known to the people of China just like how we are familiar with the Google logo. Only very few urban Chinese lack a QQ account. Currently, there are over 800 million QQ accounts in the country, where at time over 176 million people are online. Basically, almost all of them are Chinese, that’s a lot of possible new friends to choose from. On the other hand, WECHAT is currently gaining some popularity in the country. This is backed-up with an incredible rapidity. It is an alternative means of communication for QQ. Actually, with the help of your QQ information (login and password) you can access WECHAT. You will also be able to access all the options and do almost everything you would wish to do via the WECHAT messaging app. This implies that you will be online in QQ Messenger but while using WECHAT Messenger.

Feature of the Apps

Basically, both of the two apps have got broadcast, voice, and text messaging. You can also share contact, location, video, and image information as well as social networking. These features are somewhat advanced in QQ than WECHAT.

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WECHAT Messenger Review

Tencent might be targeting the international market due to the ability of WECHAT to interface with Facebook and Twitter. Remember that both Facebook and Twitter have been blocked in China. Currently, presentation of the two apps in the international market has been small, although, you will find Chinese students or tourists in your area happy to prepare your acquaintance and as well prepare you for your visits.

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QQ International Messenger Review

The international version of QQ offer you with several features which are basically very useful. The app has got an English language interface or Spanish, Korean, Japanese, German, and French. You will only need to download the app (free), and proceed with the signup process after you have opened it. The whole process is pretty straightforward.

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Finding Friends

The other advantage of the QQ app is the ability to find specific friends. You can easily find new friends by age, gender, and location. You can even find star-sign, blood type, among other Asiatic phenomenon. There are also very any QQ groups that you can consider joining. Remember the fact that many students look forward to practice their English online and some of these groups are dedicated to assist you in this.

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