WeChat or Weibo?



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WeChat or Weibo?

wechat weibo

It seems to have been a long standing trend that when travelers from China travel abroad, they often aim for destinations that are friendly to their WeChat app so that they might have the opportunity to impress their friends. However,

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US and China Attempt To Save ZTE

ZTE china us

There is currently a supposed deal between China and the US that could keep ZTE in business. These two countries seem to have reached an agreement to outline a deal, which settles trade disputes from when America was banned from

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Reasons to Buy the Nokia 5 Smartphone

nokia  buy smartphone

Nokia 5 was a global launch and not just for China like the last time they did with the Nokia six. So today I would be telling you guys seven reasons why you should definitely consider giving this phone a

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Snow’s Raging Popularity Might Outdo Snapchat In Global Competition

Korea Japan China snapchat

The Korean messaging app Snow is raging in popularity in the Asian countries. It is more popular than Snapchat in Japan, China and Korea. Now, Snow has bigger plans and it hopes to gain popularity in the West too. So,

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WeChat Horrible translation causes a crisis

wechat fashion brands

Anne James, an African American theater actor and director who lives in Shanghai and uses the popular Chinese messaging app “WeChat”, was the one to notice the racial translation made by the app when she was running late for a

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Why is China Investing So Much in Africa?


The African continent is on the brink is a very great thing. For over the past one year, the continent has received so many agreements on tech startup hubs all over from Agadir to Kigali to Lagos. The American tech

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China Puts a Stop to WhatsApp

CHINA whatsapp

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app that is owned and ran by Facebook, has been shut down in China as part of a government censorship of the internet. Chinese WhatsApp users noticed a partial block in the apps services. Most users

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Pinterest blocked in China which is another hit to Social Media by China

china pinterest

Pinterest was freely accessible in China for many years. But Now the Government of china blocked Pinterest due to some offensive contents which cross the boundaries of Chinese Censors. Pinterest is mostly used by ladies to pin images related to home decor, fashion,

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4 Things Brands must know about WeChat Marketing

wechat platform

While Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook platforms are the platforms that get a good number of marketers’ attention and love in the United States, the WeChat is the mobile giant of the Chinese that digital practitioners could learn one thing

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