4 Things Brands must know about WeChat Marketing

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While Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook platforms are the platforms that get a good number of marketers’ attention and love in the United States, the WeChat is the mobile giant of the Chinese that digital practitioners could learn one thing or two from.

Discussed below are 4 top things that brands ought to know about WeChat.

1- WeChat is the Facebook of China

WeChat is the all-in-one platform in China that users use to perform many operations.

2- Joining the Platform needs some Expertise

Service Account – Restricts the number of brand messages to one in a week and gets to quite a number of people. However, it cannot be used frequently by marketers but suitable for brands that want to use the platform for customer service and e-commerce.

Subscription Account – Allows brands to push out one consistent message daily. This messaging must be recommended by WalktheChat for marketers with a strong content-marketing strategy.

Irrespective of the account you choose to set up, breaking through the clutter is a bit difficult, even as the WeChat app needs brands to perform more like users rather than marketers.

On the other hand, getting attention from people is rather competitive in view of the fact that people spend all the time they have on it. Moreover, the platform is making it difficult for brands to get to users.

3- Advertising is also Hard

It is noteworthy that advertising is tough on this platform. WeChat generates about 15 percent of its revenue from ads, unlike Facebook that rakes in almost 90 percent of its revenue from advertising. Depending on the type of account brands you operate, there are still advertising openings with WeChat. For instance, subscription account holders can run banner resemblance placements below their messages.

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As a Marketer, you can aim Moment ads by the type of device, gender, location and age. However, WeChat is expected to roll out better targeting tools as soon as possible in order for brands to buy ads alongside particular interests.

Also Luxury Brands are not yet on the Platform. A good number brands look at WeChat as a very big prospect, looking at its size and latent, apart from luxury brands that want to keep up an elite image. On the other hand, luxury brands have the propensity of shying off e-commerce.

4- Facebook is Getting One Page from the Playbook of WeChat

While the ad business of WeChat is growing to look more like that of Facebook, it was observed that Facebook is also starting to look a bit like WeChat, making it a content hub for brands. As a matter of fact, Facebook is gradually changing its Messenger app to a customer care portal that allows brands to discuss with individual clients.

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