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As the instant messaging industry continues to grow more and more messaging aps are being released. Quickie is one such application. Its first version was designed for Apple watches before they made the version for smartphones.

Quickie’s features are not that different from features found in other messaging apps. Just like most messaging apps it can be installed in both iOS and Android devices. It is quite an easy app application to work with.

Its major feature is that it is an ephemeral messaging app. This means that whatever you send be it a text, a video or an audio recording it is deleted as soon as the recipient reads it.

They created this feature based on real life conversation whereby after you speak there is no record of what you have just and only the person you were speaking to knows what you have said. In my opinion this was the feature intended to set it apart from other applications but unfortunately even the other developers are adding this feature to their products. However it has an advantage over the apps that have not yet adapted this feature.

The other feature that this app has put emphasis on is it gives its users the ability to draw sketches and send them to your friends. The sketches animate on your friends phone when they receive them. However this feature is not also exclusively found in Quickie. Apps like Snapchat also have a feature that allows its users to send sketches. This feature is also not meant for mature people since most will prefer the old way of texting but for teenagers and kids this is definitely for them.

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Quickie’s other features are just the common one. They include being able to shoot and send videos, sending photos and sending audio recordings. You can also easily take a pic using your phone and send it.

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