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Nokia 5 was a global launch and not just for China like the last time they did with the Nokia six. So today I would be telling you guys seven reasons why you should definitely consider giving this phone a short. So, let’s get started with the course of time and passage of yours. We have been seeing the increment in the size of phones, earlier 5.3-inch devices are known as Tablets and now 5.5-inch devices are the average size of a phone. But still there is a majority of the audience who still prefers using a compact phone and hence the demand for such phones are increasing. So it is nice to see Nokia taking that into account, and thus Nokia 5 has just a 5.2-inch display which is quite compact in design. There is literally no device in this price segment which has come out with Android Nougat 7.1.1 software. But no here made that possible for the Nokia 5 and have promised to give constant Android security monthly patch updates and even said that they will get the next Android version updates and that as and when they are launched.

The only phone with Android Nougat in this price segment is the Moto G 4 plus, but it has Nougat 7.0 and not 7.1.1. We could have expected a Snapdragon 6 to 5 from Nokia, but Snapdragon 430 is also proven to be a beast. It has 8 ARM Cortex A53 cores, which are clocked at 1.4 gigahertz each and in spite of being built on 28-nanometer architecture. It is void, power efficient and gets the job done quite nicely. And be it general gaming performance this chip has not disappointed till now. So hope that Nokia 5 also delivers the same result of almost all the important sensors like the auto brightness sensor, gyroscope sensor, so that you can also enjoy 360 videos and some we are content on the go. We also have the fingerprint sensor, which is nowadays found on every other smartphone and other sensors like compass, magnetometer, proximity sensor. An accelerometer is also present and is expected to serve their purpose nicely.

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After Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, there have been only Moto G line of devices which comes with stock Android experience, but lately, plenty of things were wrong with the Moto G 4 plus, and even Moto G 4 plus have been receiving monthly Android patch updates which they use to get. So, as far as Nokia goes they announced that they will provide stock Android experience on the global unit which will attract the stock Android fan base.

With the entry of Chinese manufacturers, we have been seeing the concept of hybrid SIM slots, which means that you can either use two nano SIM cards or one SIM card and a micro SD card, but on Nokia 5, this restriction is not there as it comes with two SIM card slots and a dedicated micro SD card slot with which you can expand storage up to 128 gigabytes. Nokia 5 possesses a 13 megapixel rear facing a camera and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, and looking at the Nokia 6 camera performance, we can say that it will perform decently. Yes, the performance will not be better than the cameras found on the Moto G 4 plus, but Nokia 5 will definitely beat many Chinese competitors in the camera department.

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