New white silk color for the OnePlus 6?



New white silk color for the OnePlus 6 or are you picking one already released? It seems silly we think about what sort of color we want in a phone when most of us carry phones in covers now as they are certainly not as durable, and handle drops like the old brick phones.

Color trends seem to come and go some last longer than others and there are many designs out there with covers that have mirrors are loaded with glitter and all the rest. However, there are some people out there that always use a clear cover, so they phone color can be seen underneath.

The OnePlus 6 has 3 different colors and each has its own look and feel. The choice will be hard they all look amazing especially in the sunlight.

OnePlus6 Mirror black

seems popular and it is the default choice of the phone. The mirror black is also the cheapest type to buy. The One Plus 6 is covered in glass and the mirror black tends to give off the traditional reflective coating that gives the mirror sheen with a nice touch to it like ceramic. The cover is easy to grip and hold however it does reveal fingerprints. This is another reason why people tend to buy the clear cover, so they can still enjoy the phones design but are able to keep it more clean.

OnePlus6 Midnight black

This is a traditional look that is given to the One Plus 6 that take you back to the day of the one plus 3T where everything went matte black. This type is covered in glass and gives the impression of metal but with a cleaner look to it.

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OnePlus6 Silk white

Said to be arriving on June 5 in the silk white colored One Plus 6 however it only has one storage combination of 8GB RAM and 12GB storage.

The limited-edition Silk White One Plus6 has a beautiful glass back but has a pearl design that looks stunning in the light. Featuring rose gold accents, the one pls 6 in the silk white is unique and will be getting brought out due to its limited-edition nature.

There is no word as to whether the OnePlus 6 will come out with anymore designs or different colors but it seems with the popularity of the phone we could do with a few more colors.

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