Spotify updates buying Soundwave and Cord Startup Apps

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Spotify is popular music app which is highly dominant on the mobile industry market. All these years, Spotify has been trying to improve its position and stay a good rival with Apple Music and Deezer provider. In these attempts, the developer comes up with the idea of acquisition two startup apps- Soundwave and Core project. The acquired apps cope with messaging tools, so it was a very progressive step from Spotify in terms of acquiring global messaging market.

The first of the companies – Soundwave has a great popularity for its music app and a wide range of possibilities for their users. Established in 2002, it enables users to share personal information about music choices, available library music data but, at the same time, provides the opportunity for a chat. On the other hand, Cord app is generally voice messaging app. Available from 2014, this app is a widely known tool for sharing voice messages with friends.

Considering the step made by Spotify, we can observe that provider did a great job in terms of attracting more users to the platform. Details of mentioned acquisition are not yet available, but we could suppose that Spotify didn’t want to adopt these apps in the direct form. It was a good way for accepting some new features from messaging apps and developing its own position in the messaging world.

The responsible correspondents in Spotify said that acquisition was a well-done step in connecting with two talented startup companies. Also, they announced dedication to involve Soundwave and Core apps in the project of developing music features and creating a highly motivated team. However, this step makes Spotify become more competitive in terms of their music offer as well as messaging features options. After the announcement, Cord revealed their plan to close all their apps, while Soundwave didn’t give any official indication of possible closure.

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Undoubtedly, Spotify did a great job with this acquisition project as they enhance the possibility for engaging a number of interested parties. Moreover, it could be of great importance a recently announced integration with Genius service. This integration will be a very useful feature in approaching new customers while it provides a special opportunity of searching stories in the background of song lyrics. With its great design and well-composed performance, Spotify is a perfect place where you could spend your time on a regular basis.

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