The rumors of the upcoming Google Nexus 2016

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There is no official announcement about the release date of the next Google Nexus phones. It has been rumored that the name of the upcoming Google Nexus phones might be Nexus Sailfish and Nexus Marlin. The latest rumor that has been started that Google might abandon the name Sailfish and Marlin. Google might change the name to Google Nexus Pixel. The Sailfish would be renamed as Pixel and Marlin would be renamed as Pixel XL.

In the beginning, it was rumored that Google Android 7.0 would be launched with the next Google Nexus. But this was proven wrong when Android Naught 7.0 was launched as an OTA update. So, there was no use in showcasing a new device for the launch of Android Naught 7.0.

The rumored date for the launch of next Google Nexus smartphones namely Google Nexus Pixel and Google Nexus Pixel XL has been told as October 4 of this year. It has been said that Google will start shipping the Nexus phones after two weeks after the launch. This has been assumed as Google has done it before as well with its previous Google Nexus smartphones.

It has been also rumored that the Sailfish or Pixel will have the screen size of 5 inch. The screen size of 5.5 inch will be provided with Pixel XL or Marlin Nexus phones. Both variants might have 3GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 for Pixel and Snapdragon 821 for Pixel XL. It might be manufactured by HTC, a South Korean smartphone manufacturer.

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