Instagram updated “Direct Messages” to support different Photo orientations and Links

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Not long ago, Instagram added a new feature known as “direct messages” better known as “DM” and it has become a very popular messaging platform among social network users. According to the latest stats released in April, it has over 370 million active users per month, although still very low to the over one billion active users on Facebook, but it remains one of the largest messaging apps in the world.

This feature allows users to send messages to one or more people through the platform and to share the post as messages without needing to use any other messaging app beside the platform. However, according to users feedbacks, the “Direct Messages” feature still lack some options that will make it easy to use, which I believe was known to the Social network.

Today, “Direct Messages” was upgraded and it was more useful than before because its now has support for external web links and can be used to send videos and images in their original – Portrait or Landscape – aspect ratio.

Although both options are important but the first is more important than the second option because users will not have the course to use external messaging platform apart from Instagram. Not only that, the feature also allow users to preview website whose URL was pasted before sending it as a message. Although users can send URLs as messages before now you are required to copy and paste it into the messaging board and it won’t be converted into links.

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Moreover, the second feature that allows users to send video and picture messages without needing to crop will change how people communicate this day because before now users are required to convert their media messages to smaller sizes to make them compatible with mobile devices.

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Now, the new option will reduce the stress, which users pass through before they can get their video or picture messages to their family and friend. With all these new upgrades, it was believed that Instagram would be able to capture more users, which will help increase its market share and profit.

The media option is only available for IOS users at this moment but the Web links option is available in the newly released Instagram 10.22 that is available for Android users. Instagram confirmed, however, that the feature would be fully made available in coming weeks

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