Snap buys “Ctrl Me” Robotics to move into drone Market

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It was announced recently that Snap Inc, the owner of the famous social network platform, Snapchat has acquired a drone startup company for an undisclosed amount, which is believed to be lower than $1 million. This has raised another topic on the various social platform especially Twitter that Snap Inc is up to something and it’s preparing something great that will change the way we communicate.

One user twitted, “Snap now acquires a drone company, which means we could probably be taking pictures and making videos from the air”.

As we know that investing in the disappearing photos and video business like Snapchat seems not to be always profitable and for this reason, the parent company of Snapchat, Snap has decided to diversify into other areas – one of their areas of interest could possibly be drone business.

We first got the rumor about Snap working on it own drone in March when an anonymous person told the New York Times that Snap Inc is currently working on how to capture pictures and make videos from the sky with the help of drones.

However, early days of last week, it was reported on Buzzfeed that the company has acquired Ctrl Me Robotics, a drone manufacturing startup company that is based in Los Angeles, USA. However, acquiring this Drone manufacturing company has open the way for Snap Inc to invest in the drone market and meet up with the competition in the social world.

For now, we’re not sure if the Company is planning to sell drones or wants to make software or hardware for other devices; but, we have the clear understanding that the company is planning to move into hardware production. However, this is going to be beyond the scope of Snapchat – maybe to produce products that will ease the stress that moviemakers experience when producing movies.

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One thing we know about Ctrl Me Robotics is that it’s already working on producing software, which will enable film producers and photographers to take high-quality shots from the air without any disturbance and this we believe interest Snap that makes it buys the company at that amount.

For now, however, no Snap employee has talked to anyone about the reason the company buys Ctrl Me Robotics or where the company wants to invest. Thus, we’ll continue to make guesses about how Sap Inc will invest in the drone world.

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